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  • where did y'all go?

  • weekend, innit.

    I get to WFH today cos my housemate killed the washer. Washer repair person gave a 5-hour window to show up lol
  • Morning! Slept like shit, went to work...

    Oh, fitted a new GoPro mount to my helmet in work (bought by work). I was using a suction mount on the side of the bike, but it was pretty vibey...
  • My washer is repaired.
  • huzzah!

    apparently one of our dryers started smoking the other day, so the missus turned it off, re-washed the clothes and stuck them in the other dryer.

    i think the one which was smoking was the same make that has caused a number of electrical fires in the UK, so there's that...
  • oh yeah...remember how the generator was fixed last week. and then yesterday. and then today.

    how i ran the generator yesterday extra long to make sure i would have power all night. and now, on the flukiest of flukes (meaning, i called it yesterday as well), not only did the batteries not have enough charge but power from the grid did not come back at all so far today.

    so, it's being fixed today.

    i am pretty certain that i will stay in a hotel tonight because when i test it at 2pm and it's not working i am going to bitch and scream like i am doing every day and then i'm leaving.

    ps: so stressed out by this i did not sleep at all last night...trying to do that now...

    pps: i can't wait until we leave this place for good.
  • I think I might oversleep tomorrow, so I'll say MORNING now!

    Washers! Silent killers! Of your socks mainly but sometimes people as well! Be careful...
  • happy july 4th! for yesterday! oops!
  • morning :D
  • we are finally owners of our apt in gijon! my goodness, it took forever. everything was complicated - the apt was an inheritance so it had many owners and sorting everybody took too much time. at times, i thought it wasn't going to ever be finalized. renovations begin in sept!

  • Evenin'

    New hire at the hotel is working out ... OK. And the person she's replacing had her last day today. She was at times tediously obnoxious with co-workers, other times great to get along with. Meh.

    New hire can only stay till end of September (work visa's expiring), sooooo... yeah.
  • we are finally owners of our apt in gijon!

    Morning, morning

  • More awoke now.

  • Four shots of espresso awoke now!
  • I need a poo.
  • If you’re struggling, slater, try four shots of espresso :D
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    price of gasoline goes up tonight. mass protests have begun. burning tires in locations all around my house. the air is becoming thick with dark smoke. we have been advised to stay home.

    kind of scary evening.

    if i'm going anywhere here, i'm driving on this street. about 90 seconds from my house...

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  • I had the poo.

    Sun/Mon are my weekend... another 8 hours and I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...

    ... to go home and clean up the house garrghrggh
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  • My housemates just informed me that the washer is, once again, broken. FML.
  • Oh?

    Today I dremel'd off an attachment that was proper screwed into the housemate's bathroom's shower thingy. Had about 10 yards of silicone tape put around the thread, about 10 years ago, so you know that thing wasn't coming off, even with a spanner and much swearing

    I replaced it with what I was attaching, including a new 10 yards of silicone tape :D
  • Morning!

    Someone's been busy ^ :) on holiday tomorrow - yay :!:
  • hello there :)

    where you off to, peak?!

    met up with meska on saturday (was already a little drunk, sorry mesk!), good times :)
  • Hello! @meska, I know, I know, saw the picture on Instagram – you looked tipsy life you were having a great time :!: :D How's he doin'?

    I'm off to the South of France, Arles, via Marseille. Should be great. :)
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  • good morning!

    hope shit's calming down a bit for you again, vask!
  • It's not coming home.
  • good game! :)

  • Good evening to me, good morning to you.

    Shit is less shitty, these days. Turns out you CAN actually find competent folks to work for you. Except their visa runs out in September. FML then, I guess :!:
  • Morning!

    Well the football may not have come home but @urbansurgeon has! Howdy :)
  • ...whilst I was away, got to see some of the matches on a local bar's TV; great atmosphere for the France game earlier in the week; funny to be in amongst several hundred french people watching England loose – they were cheering from Croatia for sure :!:
  • morning! :)

    went to a festival over the weekend, need sleep :D
  • Morning!

    Caught-up on your sleep?
  • I wish I could go back to bed.

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    I am back in bed.

    GOOD NIGHT :!:
  • Morning @slater, I think.
  • Good morning, @peak' :!:
  • Morning!

    ...thought it was hump day, til I thought about it. :/
  • i wish it were humpday, cos that means tomorrow i'd be working from home and also taking delivery of a new washer/dryer stack.

    in the meantime... there's no such thing as too much Brut, right? Right?
  • Okay, we're there...


    Yes, dead right, Harry, no such thing as too much Brut!
  • Oh, only me in today!
  • It's a "work" from home day, fer meeee :!:

  • Anyone heard from Vaaaaaskaaa?
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    No, not heard anything... may be travelling?

    Morning, Friday! The weekend's starting early for me, meeting-up with a friend for some culture and beer :!: all have a good weekend too.
  • got a new washer/dryer, then the ancient water pipe broke off. sweet!

    I have but today, and tomorrow, then it's my weekend again w00tini :!:
  • Quiet, innit?

    Water pipe dun got fix'd. Now the housefolkz and I can do laundry again! *pushes Brut to the back of the cupboard again*

    I was supposed to interview a new housemate yesterday, she called it off. Turns out one of her friends died in a car accident fffffuuuuu...
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