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The good morning thread
  • i feel like the problem isn't me...
  • lol! Morning :)
  • haha...

    can confirm this morning that the AC really screwed up the power to our house. inverter no longer works. totally screwed.

    i think i'll start drinking again now at 6am. jk.
  • Hello!

    What's been going on whilst I was out! :D
  • ...oh, new page.
  • evenin'
  • where you been, man. tell us!

  • Morning!
  • Howdy!
  • happy it's the weekend. i've been fighting all week feeling sad and lonely. there is just so little to do here...aside from work. see my wife for three hours in the evenings. i'm actually thinking about doing some kind of road trip - maybe i could drive around iceland or scandinavia for a month or something. i don't know...maybe i should just start going to the nightly hotel parties here i'm sure they are super interesting (totally not).

    have a good one, y'all!
  • I have been depressed (still am, lol!) and fucking fucked over at work and no end in sight and everything sucks.

    An employee just up & ghosted on us, just stopped responding to calls/emails/texts.

    Also, i am broke for the second time in as many months, and am having to ask friends for money to pay my rent and so yeeeaaaah, everything sucks.
  • Well, I’ve just got back from a 2 night camping at a beer festival. There are 6 kids in my house, and I’m trying to get a bit of sleep in. This may not go all that smoothly...
  • ^ underage drinking is legal in your country, right?

    ^^ hang in there, slater.
  • Aha! Yes, illegal drinking is legal here.

    However, I should point out that I was on a stag do thing, and had therefore left the good lady wife and many children at home!
  • howdo!?

    i'm totes bright eyed and bushy tailed today, yeehaaaw!
  • Afternoon!
  • I dun hung'd in there, things aren't quite as dire. Hired a new person, one of the employees isn't gonna leave for another month so we's got some breathing room.

    Still perma-broke till first week in July tho, fuk :!:

    Thanks, peeps.
  • "Not drinking" helps a lot with with the direness, by-the-by.
  • Hullo! Good to hear that it’s brightened up at least a bit :)
  • Another morning. No electricity from the grid. The randomness of the power this past week (world cup) is driving me fucking crazy. Somebody needs to shoot up their office again, I guess.

    Wake up...pissed off with this shit.

  • karaage, tonkatsu, tempura and salad with carrot ginger dressing. tons of beer and sake. come on over tonight!
  • Need more notice!
  • Prepping for the twins’ birthday party after school today, ooof! They grow up so fast, etc.
  • Alcohol withdrawal symptons. Nausea, dizziness.. yerp, i haz 'em! But all good, cos I'm off the sauce for a gooood loooong while
  • i wish i could open an izakaya in my garage.
  • wife is off to europe for two and a half weeks.

    i get to be more stupid than usual now. up at 5:30am today...working...

    yep. pretty stupid. ;)
  • that's proper stupid, well done!

    i'm kinda like, hmmn, this weather is lovely! oh, hayfever...
  • pulled a muscle in my back this morning whilst sneezing, lol?
  • is 5.30AM early? I hafta get up at 4.45AM to get to the hotel jerb :/
  • 5.30 IS early! 4.45 is still night time.
  • Looking at that ^, I feel like a fraud saying...

    Morning! :)
  • ...was over in the Brecon Beacons Thursday/Friday for a bit of the old hill walking, near Llanddeusant. Lovely.
  • That’s like 12miles from me!
  • And by ‘like’, I mean ‘is’. Shoulda gimme a bell, I’d have stuck the kettle on ;)
  • morning!

    sunneh as a bastard!
  • chris said:

    That’s like 12miles from me!

    Thought it was your neck of the woods (hence the mention) but didn't realise that close! It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing, stayed in the hostel there...

    chris said:

    And by ‘like’, I mean ‘is’. Shoulda gimme a bell, I’d have stuck the kettle on ;)

    Ah, next time... :)

    You've only got tea/coffee?

  • i can hear the matches played on radios around our house.

    in the more important matches (brasil, argentina, spain, etc) i can hear a huge crowd cheering (but i still can't figure out where they are - sounds like a few thousand people too) - i am alerted to game events before i see them on my tv.

    late morn!
  • Good afternoon. Things are looking up! I got a new employee, who is actually one of those rare not-glued-to-my-iphone types of yoof! PHEW!
  • ^ suspicious! :D
  • 2nd day, even better than the first. Super-cautiously optimistic about this new hire :!:
  • there's nothing i love more than sitting around in the heat, humidity with zero electricity listening to the sound of mosquitos buzzing around the room and playing solitaire on the phone at 4am in the morning.

    did i mention that the generator maintenance guy just came by the other day? what? and it doesn't work? oh yeah, this is now the second or third time i've mentioned this problem here.

    fuckin' hell...

  • fuckin' hell...

    I'm not going if they don't! :)

  • Oi oi, saveloy!
  • Morning, morning... how did we get to Friday already :!:

    Blue skies, again :)
  • ya, scorchio!

    (especially in leathers, and with fresh raw tattoo, uh)
  • I'm not sure I want to picture you in leathers with raw flesh! :D

  • not awake. slept ten hours.

    happy friday
  • peak' said:

    I'm not sure I want to picture you in leathers with raw flesh! :D

    too late!

    10 hours sounds awesome!
  • chris said:

    too late!

    True! :/

  • Mornin'. That "hey don't be drinkin' now mkay" thing is... not going well :/