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The good morning thread
  • Morning!

    Took a steam train through the snow to visit Santa today- good times :)

    (ok, afternoon)
  • it's a cold one!
  • chris said:

    it's a cold one!

    It bloody was, wasn't it :!:

  • howdy howdy :)

    half day today, did have an afternoon job planned before school run, but that is now postponed. i'm wondering if i can fit a nap in there!
  • friday!

    on monday am my wife found the neighborhood arborist completely swollen on the sidewalk while going to work. he had been sick for a couple months and was really messed up. around here, you just get sick - they can't really afford to see the doctor. we sent him to the doctor and he probably has a diabetes problem but the doctor said it was hypertension and that with some medicine, change of diet, a physical therapist and some time he will be ok. so, we got those things for him and now he's on the path to recovery.

    everybody in the neighborhood tells us they are praying for us now. i guess this is what you say to people who do kind things for others...

    for a few months now we have been sharing our house handyman with some friends. it was a way for him to earn a little more money (we already pay him above subsistence wage - unlike most people around here) and we didn't really need him around 8 hours every day. today, half and half with our friends, we are buying him a motorbike for christmas. he could never afford on his own (he has two kids). i'm so excited to give this to him today. if you can imagine how this will change his life. plus, i won't feel guilty when i ask him to run small errands now...

    mauritania was filled with touching moments for us - it's pretty much all i remember anymore. being poor here is much more desperate than it was there. it's nice to give money to this or that organization but when you can actually do things for your neighbors it feels good.

    this weekend i'm going to make some slow cooked pork for tacos, make cutting boards for christmas gifts and then watch some football on sunday. that's it! and you?
  • Morning! Another grey day here.

    Thanks for sharing the story Vask, I'd love to see your handyman's face when he gets his motorbike!'ll just have to paint a picture in the next update :)
  • it was fun! he picked out his bike...very slowly...and then they started to unlock it and i said to him (in french) "you are going to have a fun weekend" and he turned and had a huge smile and hugged me.

    at times he was shaking - like he wasn't sure if it was really going to happen.

    he picked up his bike at the end of the day so we'll find out on monday how things went.

    i'm going to make him a storage box with a backrest for passengers.

    maybe i'll post a picture later...i feel tired and lazy now...but yesterday all day a peacock hung around our garden. spending most of the time staring in the sliding doors on the terrace. we think it flew in from the germany emabassy - as it got dark it jumped into the trees and vanished.
  • Good work, Vaska Claus!
  • super lovely weather here today.

  • i have bitcoin coinbase. send me my password!

    i'm going to destroy you! my 0,02923u4oiuewrwr234 whatever coins are worth billions now!!!
  • you have bitcoin? cool :)

    did you get any eth, or other alts?

  • i'm done working until next year...yay!

    just fun things now...

    y'all have big christmas plans?

    we're driving to meet family at some resort in dominican republic for a week. not really my thing, but i know we'll have a bunch of fun.
  • I’m also done until next year! Christmas break buddies!
  • per the usual, took the car to the shop for some rather mundane AC works, and now it's worse. in fact, we can't drive to the DR as it is. how many times has this happened before (too many).

    they have some ideas today...we'll see...

    otherwise, we will miss christmas - fly in late.

    fuck this place.

    edit: sort of fixed...hope it doesn't explode all over the inside of the car on this trip. sigh...
  • we made it! AC no longer works at all which sucks in these hot/humid conditions.

    merry christmas!
  • so much resting and relaxing i'm dying to go home and work on something.
  • Yeah, I’ve done nothing for what seems like months already!
  • Happy new year!
  • Happy New Year :!:

    Kids have a good Christmas?
  • good morning, happy new year to all!

    yes, they did/still are, peak! the little shits :D

    i'm back in the office today though, for a break. jebus!
  • chris said:

    ...the little shits :D


    Always make me think of when I was a kid, when I hear that from friends (about their kids)... I thought I was sweetness and light when I was young, bet I wasn't :!:
  • i've nearly figured out how much rum i can drink without vomitting. i don't think i'm going to press it any further after last night. ;)

    hap new ur dooders!

    starting my year off doing fun, stupid things. trying to do at least one small project everyday (so far so good on day 3 now). work should be fun...why the fuck is it not?

    cheers y'all
  • good morning!

    post up your stuffs, vask! also, nice traffic cones :D
  • Morning! right hand is cold, but not my left, what's that all about!?
  • stroke!? move around!
  • turn 180° - it may just be the cold wind.
  • My god Vask', you got me dead before the years even got going :!:

    :) :D

    ...I think it was just my mouse hand! Make of that what you will; both equally warm now.
  • good morning!

    RIP peak :(
  • chris said:

    RIP peak :(

    He was a good fellow, oh, wait... neither statement is true!


    Fri-day :)
  • goood moooorning! i see it's another week already, blimey.
  • Morning. :)

    Week two in the mad house!
  • first real work monday of the year!

    i shall proceed to stare at my display and blink alot.
  • aha! thanks for the reminder to blink :D
  • bore da, dudes :)

    the traffic has returned. forgot how much i enjoyed sitting in stationary traffic on the 60mph bypass road...
  • everybody is returning from holidays. now, it's massive dinner party season.

    much of which i will skip because i get bored hearing about their work all night...

  • awake at 5am god damn!
  • Make the most of the day - squeeze a nap in mid-morning ;)
  • Morning, friday!

    Snot-filled this week :x
  • morning!
  • Morning!

    Quiet weekend here, just doing jobs around the house and blowing me nose a lot. Still. :)
  • i'm in work, dusting off some stuff for print!

    (only a letterhead and b-card, but still).
  • neat! i miss print so much i would be happy to do a three panel brochure again...assuming i didn't have to use some shit gloss stock.
  • morning!

    hehe i do like to see print stuff delivered, mind :) not saying this is going to be anything special, just a little iteration from the previous versions (necessitated by a slight change in contact details, not even run out of the previous lot).
  • Morning!

    Hump Day :!:
  • its raining!.. the drought is broken.. kinda..
  • Drought?! Other end of the world problems :)

    Saying that, it’s not currently raining...
  • The only drought here, is alcohol – and that'll get solved tomorrow :!:

    Morning! Friday.