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The good morning thread
  • Morning!

    Okay, Airbnb. Sounds good (I could do with another income stream!)
  • chris said:

    let me know when you start renting it out :D

    (also, it's probably not big enough for all of us, so you'll have to babysit 4 kids for the wife and i to have a week there ;))

    3 bedrooms wouldn't be big enough? it's a long ways off though...

    i can't wait to make it available to friends to stay there (even when we're not around). gijon is so charming. small city at 10pm EVERYBODY is outside doing stuff. probably alot like bcn but without the backwards logic flying around.
  • Oh wait? Someone needs a carpenter? I work for cheap.... :)
  • Morning.

    Seen the news about Zimbabwe! That could go one of two ways – surprised it's taken so long – hopefully it'll go the right way...

    Hump day :!:
  • morning, hump day!

    i think they are happy to keep mugabe as a figurehead for now, so long as they keep his wife out of power.
  • chris said:

    keep his wife out of power.

    Yes, it sounds like it, doesn't, according to the beeb...
  • Good morning
  • ...or should that be: good morning?
  • it's not very good...i have a migraine. the entire planet must now suffer! ;)

    @blues: i wish we could fly you in. familiar with EU building rules? and also local Gijon building rules?

    me either. apparently, i have to get a permit just to paint the walls in my own apartment. yes, even if i'm doing it myself on the weekend.

    also, the family has a local contractor who builds the houses, renovates the apartments and does the small projects, too. feel super lucky we already have somebody on board who we know and trust. he's about to start renovating my wife's parents apartment (a few blocks from our place).
  • monday!

    slept on the floor for much of last night, not really 'feeling it' atm.

    having a trustworthy builder/contractor is worth a lot! we had my wife's uncle do a ton of work for us before we moved in to our current house, and we wouldn't have been able to do it without him. maurice, you're a bloody star, you are! :)
  • Morning!

    Car's just passed its MOT - Phew!

    On the floor?!
  • ill child, is all :(
  • Okay, not the wife kicking you out :!: :D

    Hope they're feeling better soon...
  • haha no, not that again! ;)

    oh, and all in school today, it's ok :)
  • bore da, yo!
  • Yo! Hello!
  • my wife is better than yours for letting me drunk off my ass because of this place...

    the shadows looming over things aren't creepy at all.

    ps: i didn't post previously again about how much this place sucks...
  • also: i don't have a big suit but i have friends who do...
  • Ha!

    Morning :)
  • lol drunked vask :D

  • <3 talking heads.
  • haha...woops.

    i had a total shit day yesterday and when i started making dinner i thought - why yes, i deserve to drink all of this...

    life in paradise. this is an interesting short documentary about hispanola...

  • Morning!
  • yo yo yo!

    i'm surprisingly in the office today, video work doesn't work well with working from home, uh.
  • and i'm yet to watch that docu, sorry vask!
  • it's ok. it's just a partial explanation for why this place is shit.

    last night we believe the guard (not one of our regulars) fire his gun on our property. hurray! same random shit every day!

    anyways, i'm going to have a good day today.

  • morning!


    sunneh as a bastard!
  • weekend plans?

    we're doing thanksgiving on saturday at our house. and sunday i plan to nurse a mega hangover and barely move.

  • I think I’ll be disposing of things in to a skip. Rock and roll.
  • Good night?

    ...and morning!

  • quiet days. for a change. fingers crossed.
  • morning :o
  • Morning!

    Bah humbug too :!: :)
  • goooooooood morning! :)

    what's a seahawk?
  • also, i ordered a mech keyboard today - about fucking time, eh? so expensive lol :(
  • american football team...

    are these mech keyboards the ones that look like hello kitty?
  • haha i wish! (i don't really).

    this is the one i ordered -


  • morning again!

    it's a different one now, honest. hump day, in fact!
  • Morning!

    Feeling a bit groggy this morning, don't know why, I wasn't boozing or anything last night! :/
  • ...nice keyboard.

    So, they named a football team after an Errol Flynn movie. Cool. :)

  • Would be so great to remake that as a sports poster.

    Big holiday cocktail party at my house tonight. I'm the hostess with the mostest. Come on over!

  • Morning!

    Hope you've got a sore head Vask :!:
  • Hah!

  • holy shit guys, i am clicking like a bastard with a new keyboard. click click click click!
  • clicksterbater!

    head is just fine. i was too busy to drink much...
  • don't quote me...

    i have it on good authority that a particular director general of a particular third world country has blamed flooding in a particular part of a city on the massive size of a particular embassy. it's so big that it's sinking into the ground and raising the water level. was said.

    most of us believe it's the lack of drainage systems but what does anybody really know?

    i'm so happy for the weekend. i think i can finally kick this damn cold i've had for two weeks...

  • Morning!

    Hope you're feeling better Vask

    ...politicians, the world's gone madder :!: