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the great big packaging design thread
  • NO WAY!!!! :D

    Snoop Dogg and weed go together like an empty juice bottle and piece of garden hose, so it’s no shock that the rapper/marijuana activist has launched his own line of cannabis products. A little more unexpected, however, is the brand’s decidedly luxurious packaging and identity courtesy of design studio Pentagram, who have worked with clients such as London Design Festival, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and fashion label Mulberry.


    The Leafs by Snoop range includes edibles (chocolate bars, chews, drops and gummies) as well as boxes of ‘flowers’, or weed. In developing the branding, Pentagram wanted to avoid any cheesy #420 cliches in order to develop a sophisticated and minimalist aesthetic that would appeal to a wide audience, not just stereotypical stoners. They also had to work within the legal confines of how marijuana, a controlled substance, can be presented—for example, the packaging must be opaque and child proof. “It’s like working at the end of Prohibition,” says Pentagram’s Emily Oberman in a blog post. “Everything is changing, all the time. Laws change from week to week, and affect what you can do. It’s incredibly exciting, but it’s also difficult, so we had to keep it simple.”



  • what's the nutritional value on that? :D
  • Lots of fiber, low in sodium and gluten free. Most likely tastes like gluten free sugar free breakfast cereal.
  • that is fucking AWESOME even tho i don't drink it, i appreciate the cross marketing and ingenuity!!! :)
  • I'm holding out for the 'bottle of sailor jerry's atop a 2litre Pepsi max' version :D
  • more absolut!


    press release, barf:

    Absolut Facet

    Open Up To the Unexpected With the Absolut Facet Limited Edition Bottle

    Absolut introduces its latest limited edition bottle, Absolut Facet, a blue bottle featuring an asymmetrical design. The round edges of the Facet bottle have been cut into like a gem, creating a number of faces that catch the light in unique ways, symbolizing the many directions #AbsolutNights can take you.
  • i quite like this!


    i nearly said brave, but the branding is there and visible at all times. would have been cool to have to 'discover' that, too.
  • ^Absolut & Mr Black...SO SEXY!

    BUT...I think the Absolut limited edition needs engraved medallion/pet collar tag looking like it was riveted onto the bottle.

    And then a button at the back where the bottle refills with vodka when nearing empty :D
    ps Blues you kinda popped into my mind and helped me with the last bit xxx
  • Oh, that's just wrong.