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guitar videos
  • I tried playing guitar once. It really hurt.

    How is it even possible to get that good?! And he is really good.
  • mick said...this man's got a unique technique. i thoroughly enjoyed seeing his hands work the instrument.

    I'm pretty sure that's a woman mick, letting the sister down, ain't you!
  • nah, it's a man. don't let the headwrap fool you.



    i'd like to point out that i complain a lot about guitars that are too big and fretboards that are too wide.

    5 ^
  • Pickmaster Plectrum Punch
    the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch
    - stamp put your own plectrum [~shaped bits] from credit cards! or various other similarly constructed objects at your disposal.

    £20, though. but i guess if you bought one, then set up an etsy shop to sell them, you could make that back in short-time.

  • no guitar, but look at her legs!
  • i am, i am!

    long thigh bones are so very nice, aren't they? yellow nighties are also good. multi instrumentalists are admirable. anyone who can play a samisen, even if it's just fingerpicking, is also admirable.

    all in all, i enjoyed that quite a bit.
  • this one has a guitar. and a few other things.

    Theresa Andersson's talent will never be captured well on a music CD. she plays 20 different instruments, writes songs, and sings wonderfully.

    She's a Swede, transplanted to New Orleans.

    one of the shoegazers, except she works barefoot.

    this vid has rather poor sound, but it shows you how she does things.

    this one is a better recording, but isn't as visually interesting to me.

    this 23 minute clip is not only well recorded, it also highlights the complexity of what she's doing.

    Shock Sessions with Theresa Andersson.
  • that bird is fantastic, mick! nice find.

  • punch brothers - packed like sardines in a crushed tin box, oof, hottness.

  • on a bluesgrass tip, can you tell?

  • hardly 'video', but eh... :D

  • really really really liked that Punch Brothers vid, chris. good stuff!


    bluegrass is fine stuff, and while playing the banjo isn't really all that hard, this kid has style and talent beyond his years.

    Jonny Mizzone age 8 on banjo, Robbie Mizzone age 12 on fiddle, and Tommy Mizzone age 13 on guitar.
  • fuck a duck!

  • i can't imagine that this is a fake :D

  • welcome to the jungle, played on a pair of cellos. holy fucking awesome.
  • you should watch all the related ones on youtube, and here -
  • well hell, i love smooth criminal anyway, so here it goes!

  • full grain leather guitar cases

    full grain leather guitar cases, $825(!), from whipping post tre hawt!
  • thread revisit.

    i've just queued a segovia playlist, a vicente playlist, and a paco playlist. this is going to take some time to get through, and it's friday already!
  • sandra bae plays queen's 'don't stop me now' on acoustic guitar. lovely finger pickin and percusion :)

  • no guitar videos have been posted on youtube for a month - i thin knot!

  • purchase executed (rocco's fault).

    (321f with dimarzio d-activators)

  • There's still time to give up..!
  • wtf / omg / lol / fml :D
  • so much so, i just phoned for tickets to a show of his on february 18th next year. fuck yes.
  • http ://
  • ok, does this mean i now need to go through the DB and change all the to an actual url?

  • piss dee yah wot. £150.
  • i went to bed at 1:30 last night having played guitar for 5 hours straight. time flies, etc.
  • Think I've just had an eargasm

  • chris said:

    i went to bed at 1:30 last night having played guitar for 5 hours straight. time flies, etc.

    Smaple please sir (sample)

  • image

    3d printed guitars (yeah, not videos, but whatevs!)
  • him and jon gomm - brothers from another mother, innit!

  • chris said:

    so much so, i just phoned for tickets to a show of his on february 18th next year. fuck yes.