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guitar videos
  • Yea that is a cool device, but don't think it's going to replace strings anytime soon.

    As far as Joe Robinson goes. If he has the same passion and emotional attachment to music that Tommy obviously has, then Joe may surpass him. On the other hand if Joe is trying to be as technically proficient as Tommy then he won't go far. Without soul Music has no substance, it's just notes played on an instrument.
  • What no Rodrigo y Gabriela?

    You crazy cats!

    (dunno how to embed on here?!
  • aha!...fanks....did nay know that.
  • Lets have some Rory too!
  • first....

    alcindor! :) :) hej, ven! er du godt? dette sted brug for flere danskere. *nod*

    the guitar makes me think of what would happen if there was a variation of the game called "Therimen Hero". :D


    mondo, you always have a bit of insight that really brings things home for me. *hug*


    Without soul Music has no substance, it's just notes played on an instrument.

    yes, Bog.. :) exactly so. i can admire technical proficient. i can respect it, but...'s the joy that i'm after.


    mod... Rory Block is just the best... heh.. until she starts playing her own music. then her intense Xian outlook just colours everything with a coat of grey. but as far as playing those country blues, she's in a class by herself.


    chris.. that is Master Class acoustic guitar playing; i'm in awe. .... and i want his fingernails! least until i need to do some other work ... or want to get out of doing dishes.
  • More on Tommy Emmanuel....

    he's such a class act. his skill and his intelligence are never more apparent than when he books to perform with another guitar master.

    ;) young Joe would do well with a few Tommy sessions.

    when it comes down to it, it's all about communication. watch Tommy and Thomas shred it up and get psychic.
  • OMG.. That is so epic. That just sent shivers up my spine. The soul and emotion in that is awe inspiring.

    Your right about Joe as well. If he puts even half of the soul that Tommy does, he'll do very well.
  • i was hoping you'd come around soon. :)


    Joscho Stephan.... better than Django? I think maybe so. There's a title typo: it's Jorgenson.

  • this is notable for the hands of steel.

  • Las Migas are 4 women from Spain who are worth listening to. i've been looking around for some of their work to share, but all the U2B clips have really crappy sound.

    this is a wonderful informal look at what they do.

    click the pic to go to a vid. there are guitars, honest. :)

  • whoa, Vai looks YOUNG! :) was.

    and wow, hotstuff! whoever the guy with the long black hair is, he is NOT playing that guitar. did Stevie do both bits?
  • I believe it was Ry Cooder who played the slide guitar parts in Crossroads...
  • mondo has it.
  • :) thank you.

    mondo! hi there. you've been scarce. quit that.
  • Fast fingers in the below video....

  • bloody hell, i'm worn out after that.
  • Another one... amazing how people overcome obstacles:

  • ^ that is inspiring.

    ... and i whine about my thumb ... sheesh. :)


    saw this and thought of blueshead (who introduced me to R.L. Burnside's music).

    The magnificent R. L. Burnside in his first film appearance, performing See My Jumper Hanging On The Line. Filmed by Alan Lomax at Burnside’s home in Independence, Mississippi, August, 1978.

  • Ooooo...I like this thread. One of my new coworkers is going to teach me how to play my guitar, change the chordes and tune it properly. Can't wait to learn!!! It will give me something to hold on to and focus on when I sing, instead of being deathly afraid of singing in front of others. I shake like a leaf.
  • cool, Lili. :)

    there's also the "holding a dead mic" technique of hand management. *nod*


    you might enjoy this; the actual chords used are pretty simple; you can see how a smart right hand (if you are right-handed) makes all the difference.

    you have to watch for a couple of minutes while waiting for the camera to focus on her hands. (btw, i really enjoy her music... i had to dig around to find a vid that showed her playing well enough to post here.)

  • I like it! thanks mick!
  • She plays blues guitar so deep and passionate it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed that... we don't see (or hear) enough women playing blues guitar.

    I can't stop thinking about this song at the moment... try to ignore the framing of the video (was the shooter hoping he was going to step on a really interesting-looking pedal or something?) and enjoy the ride... things really take off after about 2:20.

  • and i thoroughly enjoyed THAT. there was some pedal, but it was boring. all that wonderful right hand blurring was likely not shaky camera. ;)

    Landau is an amazing studio man. i kept trying to get a better glimpse of the bass. custom jobbie, i think. vewy pwetty!
  • The bass looks like an old Alembic to me... I remember that shape from much late-night poring over The Guitar Handbook when I was 16. Probably not a bad book to be stuck with at that age, as I dutifully trotted out and purchased second-hand albums by Fripp, Zappa, Metheny, all the blues guys with the surname "King"... Stanley Jordan... McLaughlin, Scofield... ah *wipes tears away, tries not to dwell on the relative paucity of offerings available to the youth of today, at least going by what they actually listen to*

    I could see you with this Spalt Fracture...
  • ha!! i'd be very happy if given that bass, mondo. there's nothing wrong with it that some quality time with an orbital sander and some spray paint couldn't fix. :D

    it reminds me of these glass kitchen cabinet doors that i do like.

  • my bass isn't as old as i am, but it's close.

    this pic is several years old, after a refurb (me with the orbital sander, glue, filler and spray paint, my pal obie with the electronic fixery... and camera).

    mentally add scrapes, scratches, dings, decals and duct tape. ;)
  • "stoic"
  • that eigenharp ... fuck... imagining the learning curve on that. sheesh
  • chris said..."stoic"

    but no "banjo face". :)

    dang, he has a bit of technique going on there...
  • i'm somewhat fond of slack-key, maybe because i can relate to playing cheap guitars that will break if you tune the strings up to "standard".

    no flying fingers... just soft sweetness.

  • you may not have heard of Danny Gatton; he died in the mid-90's i think. he was a guitar player's guitar player, and ... while he worked mostly in the C/W venue, he was versatile and so talented that others chewed nails trying to get him to play with them.

    there's still vids of his Licks and Tricks tutorials online, and lots of medium-fi recordings

    this one has fairly good sound.

    good quote from the first comment "Love the way he uses the rail of his Barden pickup as an extra fret for that super high note at 1:29. Just the kind of thing that separated Gatton from us mere mortals."

  • Gatton was so great... when YouTube hit, I searched for all the musicians I remember having loved but not had much exposure to for one reason or another. I was upset to find out that he had died.

  • ok, it's not a guitar, nor is it a video.
  • i wish i had a spare double bass laying around that i could wreck like that. ;-)

    mondo said...Gatton was so great... when YouTube hit, I searched for all the musicians I remember having loved but not had much exposure to for one reason or another. I was upset to find out that he had died.

    i knew if anyone had an appreciation for Danny Gatton, it would you you, mondo. your taste is definitely not all in your mouth. :D (compliment)


    also not a guitar, but mastery deserves recognition.

    not only is he a skillful and soulful accordion player, he plays so effortlessly that he looks half asleep. it takes a lot of strength and stamina to work those bellows. :)

    Jussi Marttinen

  • wicked good acoustic version of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” man's got fingers like dancing feathers.

  • Some secrets revealed regarding guitar soli...
    Joke aside, it's still a pleasure to play Sons of Northern Darkness a little too loud, Immortal.
  • ah Jano, you know the way to my heart. :) i'm also a bass player (not fancy at all! and this is too funny/fun.

    *enjoying and laughing hard*
  • not so much laughing AT him as with him. he's schooling us and seems very drunk.
  • mick, that acoustic 'crazy' was superb, nice linkin'
  • thx, chris. 'occo showed me that. :)
  • this man's got a unique technique. i thoroughly enjoyed seeing his hands work the instrument.