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guitar videos
  • ah, I debated putting some Tuck stuff here a while ago... heh... I went to see them perform in Sydney, twenty years ago, now!.. when I had my own long curls and was playing their songs with a girl I was friends with. I put in so many hours trying to work out how the hell he did what he does... watching him for the first time, other people were probably disturbed by the sound of me smacking my forehead with every other chord. I remember one in particular that I had just written off as physically impossible and therefore some sort of auditory hallucination, but no, it was playable -- as long as you had your left thumb around the front of the fretboard forming a small barre while the other four fingers stretched all the way up the fretboard. Bastard! heh.

    I've always loved listening to his work, but over the years I've become a little freaked out by the fact that he works so hard to sound like a collection of musicians playing slightly out of time with each other. I think it's because I know I'll never be so good that I have to find ways to intentionally mess my sound up a bit... scary! In fact, just seeing that posted here has kind of made me feel like leaving my guitar in its case, possibly forever :happy:
  • heh!

    i had a friend who bought a lesson series from Tuck on video. even with the tabs (and i do have to say, his tabs are totally accurate) and the vid lesson, Michel still nearly wept. he DID improve, though.

    if you look closely, you'll note that Tuck appears to have extra joints in his fingers. :D

    i think Tuck and Patti both do a lot of teaching now, and the occasional live concert in Europe. she's also massively (and yeah, she's a BBW) talented. i've lifted some of her breath work.
  • dudes... learn to play guitar with rodrigo y gabriela :D

    can you guess what i'll be doing this weekend?
  • step one. easy.
    step two. woah, hold on, that was a one step jump? lulz.
    other steps. easy.
  • pfft easy

    she's got wrist that won't quit. i could probably do rodrigo's part if gabriela wants to come visit me. :D
  • not guitar, but .... :)

    i love this style of playing, and aspire to this kind of "slap and tickle" when playing the electric bass.
  • I just saw this... Boy does he have skinny fingers... and a crappy sound :)

  • Was just on a base trio gig: Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller & Victor Wooten.

    All I can say is: WOW
  • fuck, i can't listen all the way through that vid, rocco. i'm not sure it's going to do his guitar teaching business any favours, to be honest :D
  • chris said...fuck, i can't listen all the way through that vid, rocco. i'm not sure it's going to do his guitar teaching business any favours, to be honest :D

    and i listened twice.. with my eyes closed... trying to identify the riffs. that was a fun game.

    a lot of wannabe guitar players desire to learn "the classics"; i think his teaching biz is thriving.

    jussi-k said...Was just on a base trio gig: Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller & Victor Wooten.

    All I can say is: WOW

    wow is right. SMV are really schooling people in the possibilities of bass. I love it when Marcus MIller steps in with a bass clarinet at times, too. you lucky man, jussi! how cool is that?
  • more tappery:

    Eric Mongrain is so smooth with this. one of my reservations about the tap and slap is that you can easily lose the melody. this time i didn't care a bit.

  • he's made each 'classic' sound pretty shit though, is what i was getting at, mick.
  • i see. ;) i was having too much fun to be a music critic, too.
  • still not a guitar... BUT!

    Frequenzy of the bass strings and high shutter speed of the camera lead to this suprising string-wobble footage. There is no slowmo applied to the take. Sound is original. video was filmed with a Canon 5D MarkII , Nikon 50mm lens on 1,8f

  • I was just commissioned to direct a music video for Petteri. We have a decent budget (my biggest music video budget yet) So I think that it will be pretty awesome. It should be done in about a month.
  • that is pretty hot.

    (It's me sitting on the dolly looking like a twat)
  • hehe :)

    please post all candid video stuffs from your shoots from now on.
  • yes, please do, because the first one was double hawt, and the second ... inspiring me to want to see more.

    those were a lot of fun to watch, jussi.

    your guitarist is a lively one, isn't he? i bet when playing on a small stage, you make him wear the HEAVY boots.
  • this focuses more on the cello work (wow does he ever have attack!), but .... none the less inspiring. :)

    father and son team, Pedro Sole and Gasper Claus:

  • Scirocco said...I just saw this... Boy does he have skinny fingers... and a crappy sound :)

    and he plays a lot of em wrong as well... :)
  • whoa. he totally owns that accordion. :)

  • chris said...

    he's got talent.

    i'm not sure how i feel about this. on one hand, it's amazing. otoh, it's BAD, and i feel for the studio musicians that are backing him.

    it helped me a bit to close my eyes.
  • meh.


  • Vicente Amigo's been practicing again, the bastard...
  • yes he has.

    made my toes curl. :) thank you.
  • Buckethead?

    erm video doesn't work ?

  • just stick this part of the url in the input box after hitting the video button above the comment field ;)

    and nice to see you around again :)
  • boring drumming again!

    saying that, some groove happening here, yo! funk break stylee!

  • whee! a take-apart!

    looks like a basswood body, though. :\ soft SOFT wood. that paint had better be heavyduty.
  • there's a future in that tech, perhaps for those who were raised on Guitar Hero. it's not quite ready for prime time, imo. ;)


    play Freebird!

  • I sure do like this guy

  • hey Bog. :)

    yes yes yes! Tommy Emmanuel is perhaps the greatest living Travis Picker out there. (Chet Atkins being dead.) His health is poor, I hear; I hope he lasts.

    now i have to go find a good example of Atkins using his thumb....
  • found one.... a very young Chet Atkins.

  • Someone to fill Tommy Emmanuel's shoes perhaps?

  • Stupid thing won't let me do more than 1 clip in a comment.

    Chet was awesome. So is Roy Clark. It's also very cool that Roy can play 20 different instruments as well. Legendary in my mind. Grew up watching him on Hew Haw. :)

    This is a clip of Roy on the TV show The Odd Couple with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall

  • Joe Robinson has wonderful fingers; he'll likely go far. I hope he gets some time playing with accomplished musicians.

    Gee, I don't think I'd have ever known that Roy Clark was so versatile.

    Thanks, B. :)
  • Smokin' Joe Robinson is a nice lad — he's around here in Sydney a lot of the time. He makes me feel very old, but with none of the attendant skill or wisdom.

    I saw Tommy Emmanuel a few months ago... would have been shortly after Les Paul died; there wasn't a dry eye in the auditorium after the pieces he dedicated to L.P. and Chet Atkins... he did allude to some health problems he'd had, saying that he'd been advised to slow down a bit. That seems to mean that he now meets/jams with/signs stuff for fans only before the show, not after. He does appear to have a very busy touring schedule, almost as if he's on the run from something.
  • is that nice lad playing with a group or still doing shred exhibitions? i do think he's talented, and i assume he's got more in him than being a mechanic. :)

    you're not VERY old; just older. refined. annealed?

    i can't comment on Smokin' Joe without sounding critical; that's not my intent. he's spent his youth gaining those mechanical skills... as is only right. i just didn't... in that one short clip...see any evidence that he could make music. it's a fine distinction, i know.. and only my own. i'm surprised that he's not been snapped up by a touring band.
  • That would be a fair call... he has a great deal of facility, and I hope that his sweet nature allows room for musicality. Others I have known with early technical mastery combined with arrogance have remained empty.
  • A bit off topic, but I think it looks cool :smile: