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guitar videos
  • wow!

    i thought i'd posted this before, but a search for Liebert got no hits yes, mondo, i know you think that Liebert is too commercialized. this is different.

    put on headphones; this is an experiment with binaural sound.

    go watch and listen to snakecharmer.
  • must be thinking of that other mondo...I don't know any Lieberts! :smile:

    I will come back and look at that when I'm not at work; this PC doesn't seem to be too keen on at the best of times...
  • hmmm

    i have this whole long conversation with you in my head about Otto Liebert. you're right, it must the that other mondo. (the one that dissed Leibert for being too commercial and playing for the lowest common denominator. ) sheesh. sorry. you are, of course, the Good mondo. :D

    i really enjoyed that Leibert film and the soundwork.
  • ah, no, wait, I'm the bad mondo after all. I hadn't been able to click on that while at work, and then you said "Otto"...then I went away for a bit, and it occurred to me that you may have meant Ottmar Liebert...and sure enough, I remember you posting something about his blog a long time ago. And you're right, except the conversation wouldn't have been a long one; I would have said: " That Ottmar Liebert is too commercial and plays to the lowest common denominator," and rudely not entered into any correspondence on the matter :happy: Hmm, I don't know, I just think it's a shame to spend too much time listening to his playing when you could be listening to Paco de Lucia or Rafael Riqueni...or Vicente Amigo (I'd say Ottmar is trying hardest to be Vicente)

    [edit] OK...I've spent way too much time trying to find a definitive Paco clip -- it's not possible. He's been at the forefront of flamenco guitar for forty years now...and is just...the greatest guitarist in any genre, there's no other way to put it. [Five minutes have just elapsed where I've stared at the screen trying to think of how I could express my feelings for this man's music] umm...well, I feel lucky to be on the earth at the same time as he is, and for ages the only worthwhile use I could see for YouTube was to view footage of his performances...amazing to see after ten years or so of trying to learn from muffled recordings! Here's one clip from 1990, but please look for others if you like guitar music...

  • thank you, bad mondo. Paco is awesome, even in a yootoob clip.

    did you even LOOK at the Liebert binaural film experiment? :p (and yes, Ottmar is Otto. he's cool like that. hehehehe)
  • Andy McKee. good tapping, here
  • Antoine Dufour. Creative touchpoint work. i try to do this kind of thing a lot since i krunched my left thumb falling out of a tree. He's MUCH better. :)

  • ^ from a recent comment on that vid -

    "oh man, this is the kind of music you'd play if everyone was sitting around the campfire, passing the joints on a hot summer evening."

  • gypsy jazz style

  • i dunno. it's improvised, and he seems to be enjoying it, right?

  • rocco found this one

  • djangology, by swansea-based hot club group gypsy jazz
  • i still say that if you play djangology and have all your fingers, you're cheating. :)

    (but that's hot)

    how about a little bass? :D

    here's the Isolated Entwhistle (be patient, the sound will start). notice he does not suffer from guitar face.


    and.... here's a woman who taught me bass. her name's Laura, and she's dead accurate.

    :D just be grateful that she does't yodel on this one.

    actually, she's a great woman, and still tours when she can. schizophrenia is a terrible life unless you have music, she says. :) and she does.

    below is an audio recording of her with a small band in the late 90's. some of the imagery she uses tells us how she deals with what's in her head. ...haven't seen her in years; she's ace.

    I Am Wondering (.m4a)
  • says "embedding disabled by request"...I will go check her out when I''m not at work. Last week I saw the Adrian Belew Power Trio here in a Sydney show ever; I can't stop thinking about it, but the best part of it was probably sister/brother duo Julie and Eric Slick on bass and drums. They are just so good. Julie is an absolute bass monster...there were plenty of astonished punters, but fortunately it stopped just short of projectile vomiting and heads exploding...I'm not finding a youtube clip that does them justice, but as soon as I do I'll post it. Those two have a frightening amount of talent, especially in ones so young (21 and 22! arrgh!). I hope Adrian Belew holds onto them as long as he can, because I've never heard a trio put out so much great stuff. And Mr Belew is the most underrated guitarist ever. Anybody who has ever enjoyed King Crimson, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Nine Inch Nails or...too many other artists to mention...go and vote to have him inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll hall of fame!
  • :( i just wish YouTube would label the "please don't embed" vids. it's coming up more and more; i'll try to remember to check if the darn thing runs, instead of just confirming it's on the page.

    btw, she has guitar face. :D

    here's the link to Laura Love's youtube example: Music video by Laura Love performing Come As You Are
  • mondo, i hope you find a good clip. :) barring that, a link to a sample would be great. i'm very interested.

    Adrian Belew is one of those people who you have to see to believe.... and i agree that he belongs in the hall of fame.

    ah...there are YT links featuring the Adrian Belew Power Trio, but they're crappy sound quality.

    ie Saratoga CA 11-10-06
  •'re probably more adept at winnowing the chaff than I am, but hopefully what follows is a clip of the Slick siblings keeping a Moscow crowd entertained while Adrian Belew changes a string:

    I love these people. They were kind enough to stay and chat after the show, even though they've played about a hundred dates in eighteen countries this year. I can't believe Julie is a waitress in Philadelphia when she's not being the best bassist around.
  • i can tell she's awesome. l like (damn the shitty sound quality) watching her fall in and out of slap. it's like she and the kick drum are flirting. :D
  • above, i made a crack about playing Django Rinehart's music having all your fingers. :)

    Joscho Stephan, who is a masterful Gypsy Jazz guitarist did a short vid on just that.. figuring out how to play Django with all your digits

    his point is that Django's technique, because he only had 2 fingers for the fretboard, centered more on his right hand, a la classical guitar.

  • also, this isn't a guitar, but

    be awed. 3 strings never EVER sounded this good. ;)

    Balalika Amok
  • heh...that's excellent! Tough crowd, though...
  • Now ... this is just silly...

    Very very silly
  • HA..! What a freak. I love the prominence of the cowbell in his backing track -- you can never have too much! It's almost like watching a stop-motion film where someone forgot to fasten his hand down and everything else is immobile...except he's probably doing more than 24fps...
  • mondo said...heh...that's excellent! Tough crowd, though...

    that was awesome! lol @ tough crowd heh, i'm not sure they were in the same room?
  • Yeah..! Haven't seen/heard Segovia in a while, but it's always good to be reminded that napiform old men with stumpy fingers can rock with the best of them. When I have a bit more time I'll try to remember to post some Sabicas...he's like Segovia, but with an immobile Elvis quiff and purple suits with frilly cuffs. Same era, and one of the best flamenco guitarists ever...he was still going hard at 90...
  • Here you go...sorry, I was confused about his age...he died in 1990, but would have been about 80-ish at the time.

    This clip is from 1990. I used to listen to Sabicas all the's more feasible to learn his stuff than other more recent artists; playing it as smoothly as he did is another matter entirely -- not something I'll ever be able to do! He had the best tremolo ever...I'll have to find another piece with some in...
  • *clapclap!*
  • i love watching old masters just .... smooth their way through pieces that would have me making not only guitar face, but guitar butt as well.

    interesting thing.. i was just listening to Ana Vidovic the other day, and there she is as a related feature (i've been on a czardas kick lately, and was taking a breather) . :) she'll be an old master some day, too.
  • Guitar wood picks
    Handmade guitar wood picks in various hardwoods
  • nice...I wonder if they make them in roughly the same shape as a Jazz III..? I'm already trying to match some of those up with my guitars...I'm pretty sure I can see flame maple, ebony and alder in there...
  • photo links to flickr page, which in turn links to somewhere else, possibly selling them.
  • they ARE pretty. i wonder if anyone's touting "sound differences" related to the type of wood. heh

    i was gaga last week over a guy's titanium picks. the idea of a pick that never breaks or wears out..... ..... yeah...
  • must not be very good on the strings, eh?
  • pick quickly enough, and you'll have some lovely sparks, too :D
  • heh it sounded normal, and the only fireworks were when he shredded the place. fuckin' rawkstars. *shakes head*
  • I haven't broken or worn out my plastic Jazz III in fifteen years (!), but I did feel faintly ridiculous with just that one to my name. I never get around to taking care of these things... a little while ago, I bought a second-hand Custom Shop '66 strat -- an absolutely beautiful instrument; I can hardly bring myself to put it down -- and when I rummaged around the case and came up with a small packet of CS picks I was inordinately pleased. I still just use that one pick, though.

    This clip made me happy:

  • Here is the first guitar video that I have personally filmed:

    Check it!

    It is again a little bit shit download. (80mb)
    But well worth it!!

    Filmed live at studio. This was the last (5th) take of the song. Incredible stuff!
  • i already accoladed that guitar vid in the "work finished" thread, jussi. :)

    but i have to compliment the guitar work, too. i like diddle and slap. a lot.

    mondo, a classic strat is never old; i'm thrilled for you

    mondo said...
    This clip made me happy:

    Malmsteen makes me laugh every time. heh he is, of course, a genius, but i can never really tell if he's taking the piss or not.
  • mick said...
    Malmsteen makes me laugh every time. heh he is, of course, a genius, but i can never really tell if he's taking the piss or not.

  • oh my


    i listened and didn't watch. ***BLUSH***

    once again, i am not a very good media consumer. heeee!!
  • to be fair, the real malmsteen + orchestra stuff isn't all that different ;)
  • the guy is mad. there is something going on in his head which never gets to the surface. and his tone is awful.

    having said that, if he reigned himself in a bit, he's pretty good. :D

    (search youtube for malmsteen + japanese orchestra)
  • i really can't work myself up to appreciate Yngwie. ;) he's got an overlay of schmaltz that all his talent can't fix. he does have a very pretty guitar. *nod*


    this is just a bit of fun; it's something we all know from the days when we first picked up a guitar, i think.
  • mondo said...This one's for Silent.... Gerardo Nunez in a casual setting. He's got some scary stuff out there; here he's being quite restrained.:smile:

    just sliding backwards through this thread again, and this one really hit me (again). awesome.
  • ^ they're having fun. :) i love goofing around like that.

    speaking of schmaltz......

    i have nothing but awe and respect for Tuck Andress' guitar prowess, and i've thoroughly enjoyed listening to him and his wife's music (Tuck and Patti). i never really got interested in their choice of material, but always have been mesmerized by their arrangements.

    Tuck's just got a unique style. He's got long grey curls now. :)

  • and... another flavour.

    I don't know if Dominic Frasca is well-known. he's a guitar genius who ruined his left hand playing 18 hours a day (obsessive, you think?), and had to evolve a new style. he's brilliant. i think the 10-string gives him a way to play on a flatter surface, but he's still got chops with the 6-string,too. i think he just can't play the 6 string for any length of time.