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guitar videos
  • another (funny in a sense, but sad in the other; I'm glad one can play without harms!)
  • another one, impressive!
  • ^ i think that one has been posted in another thread here. but yeah, cracking stuff from erik.
  • Rio Ancho/Mediterraenean Sundance..... a little different version

  • Los Straitjackets
  • fuck, i definitely need a wrestling mask now.
  • Los Straitjackets again - I fucking love this band
  • Los Straitjackets-My Heart will go on
  • chris:fuck, i definitely need a wrestling mask now.
    why do I feel the urge to get one as well?
  • qTX3CaTWbkM
  • So he can't play mario bros with just his fingertips on it, but it's impressive. A little.
  • Not my cup of tea at all, but he at least looks more down-to-earth than that Swede :)

    It does improve a bit with a background track:

    But still a little too "wank-guitar" for me...
  • meedly-meeeedle-y-meeeeeee...! I wish you hadn't posted that, or that I'd had the willpower to avoid clicking on it. That guy is just taking a slab of my time and filling it up with tiresome buzzing.
  • i bet all he actually does is go to guitar shops to "test" amps and guitars in front of loads of onlookers :D
  • mondo:meedly-meeeedle-y-meeeeeee...! I wish you hadn't posted that, or that I'd had the willpower to avoid clicking on it. That guy is just taking a slab of my time and filling it up with tiresome buzzing.

    Sowwy mondo! Here's something else....

  • Much better, thanks...heh. I like the way the person who shot this only seemed to realise who they should be looking at once the singing started...whup...somethin' happenin' over there...let's swing around, now, but slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y...gotta be professional 'bout this...

    In future, I think I'd better just watch out for the danger signs: tongue pushed down in front of lower teeth, mouth closed. Not that open would have been a better look...
  • Okay... This is something that i've tried to avoid... but ... arrgh! i've given in...

    and another. Amazing singer.. where the hell did he go?!

    Nice Coverdale'esque style... very bluesy :)

    Oh yeah... there's these guys too :)

    Are those banana republic guitars? :)
  • i'm quite surprised - i like that last one!
  • a quick and dirty improv/scales I did yesterday just to share a vid of my guitar and fingers :)
  • Scotty Anderson Guitar

    as of two years ago my old man plays drums with Scotty Anderson :)
  • I can't believe you guys in the UK missed Guthrie Govan!! (Look him up in youtube I don't know how to post on FL :) ) One of the reasons I've been MIA from these boards is that I've gone back to playing/buying guitars. Man, what a difference some practice makes :D Good to see you guys again. Will be stoping at the chatroom later on.
  • This one's for Silent.... Gerardo Nunez in a casual setting. He's got some scary stuff out there; here he's being quite restrained.:smile:

    Aarrrrgh, not again. Lemme see what I've done wrong this time...

    OK..I suck. Fixed, though. It's that "Format comments as..." thing, gets me every time here on my work computer..
  • I wish I had that level of technique...
    thanks for sharing mondo!

  • out soon, looks pretty fucking awesome as far as possibly useful technologies go, eh? :)
  • yeah, I don't know...I guess if you played a lot of songs in alternate tunings and only had one guitar on stage it could be OK...but otherwise I think players should be encouraged to twiddle their knobs as much as possible. Otherwise they're just learning where to place their fingers instead of getting a good feel. I'm not a huge Gibson fan, either, although feel free to give me an ES-175 if you've got one you don't need...

    I wonder how Sonic Youth would go with one of these? Maybe if the different tunings were programmable... :smile:
  • you'd have fans bluetoothing alternate tunings in the middle of sets. it could get messy.
  • heh... and does it try to compensate if you bend a string? I like the idea of some of these rock poseurs wrangling with a little servo in the middle of a solo...although I suppose solos are a bit passé now. Surely they're due for a comeback, along with gratuitous sax breaks.
  • not to take your post too seriously (;)), but i think that once you push the knob back in, the auto tuners are then off. but yeah, might need some faster servos for vai to do some weird shit (i think most of his stuff is weird without the autotune, mind...)
  • yes, I thought I saw a bit about turning the feature off...but I'm sure Robert Fripp is planning to enhance his Frippertronics concept with an army of robo-guitars as we speak. They should make them available with those Fret Light thingies, too.
  • I went for a walk down the local shops today....first time since we had the baby....and there it was - the Gibson Robot! I haven't checked out a guitar store in ages, but there were three or four in a row and one of them stocks it. It was sitting next to a $30,000 1963 Strat, though, so it looked particularly toy. Wouldn't have thought such technology would have hit Sydney yet. I continued on to slaver at the display at Deus Ex Machina (motorcycle store). I don't ride, but that place speaks to me...they're doing something right...heh. Add a, I'm sure they have a website..
  • ha! i'd seen that earlier, nice post :)

  • Mick Ronson's guitar solo from David Bowie's Moonage Daydream, 1973ish
  • Wow. That kicked ass!! :happy:

  • Same concert. Mick Ronson's guitar solo from David Bowie's Width of a Circle
  • Gibson Robot:


  • oops, drums*
  • actually, seeing as i did that, i had to go and search out this one from eons ago...
  • michael said... pocket guitar video here


    also, iAno
  • 2 guitars, 1 kid (ooer, this could get nasty :D) super mario theme

    more here & here
  • though, this is much fucking cooler, all round.
  • Time for something new...made the mistake (?) of checking out some Tommy Emmanuel over my lunch break and feel like an idiot holding back tears and pretending I haven't got goosebumps. I remember seeing him a couple of's funny; his albums seem fairly pedestrian, but live nobody can hold a candle to him...he just seems to produce one impossible thing after another. He was the support act at an Eric Clapton show I went to years ago, and I'll bet that Slowhand wasn't too happy to be following him onstage. If you like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" you should look for his version and keep a handkerchief handy.

    Anyway, this version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" with Jake Shimabukuro on ukelele is really sweet.

    Heh. Maybe I'm just in a maudlin sort of mood's really good, trust me...

  • hah! that was fairly sedate, then it all got a bit bat-shit around 2:00 - i like it!

    //test edit