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guitar videos
  • you know, i've been living in a bit of a wayne's world this morning, and i'm enjoying it. jumping from one stupid-fast to the next using youtube's related search feature. it's all good.

  • taohead found this clip about fun2 to explain a little about this player ;)

  • Stanley Jordan plays "Stairway to Heaven"

    and only hits a few 'jazz' notes! ok, it's is seriously cool though.
  • MMMM A maj 9 mmmmm

  • continuing with the 'two guitars at once' theme... michael angelo plays a twin necked guitar, both necks at the same time, with either hand, either way around, whattever way up. ok, it's definitely silly, but technically amazing.
  • Right... let's get some melody into the affairs...

    Pablo Gilberto!
  • lol!

    but yeah, boy can play.
  • i think "guitar videos" is a misleading title, it should be "SHRED TILL YER DEAD!!!"
  • post #1: spectacular, (although he made a mistake at 0:52, me thinks);
    post #2: loads of mistakes, so-so (very mechanical);
    post #3: I love it! (he made a mistake at 07:02 (well, sort of))
    post #4: plays like a girl LOL!
    post #5: look mum, both hands!
    post #6: I prefer those mexican dudes :D

    it's a shame that the audio is so poor :(

    ~goes to his guitar and poses some more, and while paying with his feet and belly sings: I'm the bestest guitarust evar!

    P.S. any more guitarists here at FL?
    come on, don't be shy!

    I play and own seven guitars and they're my love, but the work doesn't allow me to do the thing I love most... maybe one day...
    And BTW, I don't play as well as any of these players shown :D
  • i need to practice more. i am drafting a letter to our government stating that we should have 27 hour days, that should give me a little more time for such things ;)
  • i played... hell, i played at a great level once too but haven't played for about 3 years now...

    soundbite? go to the iTunes Music Store in iTunes, search for "Dirk Jan Vennik" and listen to the 4th clip, it has a piece of guitar-solo... hell, i'm on the iTunes Music Store!!! why oh why did i stop???

    i got a job and a kid and a life... :happy: :awkward: :nausea:

    oh, and i have 3 guitars, 1 main guitar that i always played: a 1990 Fender Strat, '57 reissue.

    ps: not even i have the level or speed of the freaks from the clips, i used to play the blues...
  • chris:continuing with the 'two guitars at once' theme....

    My fucking head exploded!
  • I practically grew up on this moozaq :)

    Another fave of mine... and that guitar is to die for... sooo cool :)

  • no love for the bass players? guitar vs. bass...

  • Don't get me started on guitar videos..! I've got myself in trouble here at work looking for these things, but I seldom check out any electric guitar stuff anymore. I've been playing for about twenty years now, but mostly I only get to spend half an hour or so trying to remember things on any given day. I only play flamenco these days, as life's too short and that'll keep me busy for the rest of, I have my old 1960s Conde Hermanos flamenco guitar (18th birthday present to myself in 1988) and a Strat Ultra Deluxe from about 1993 which deserves to get played sometime. The only concession it made to the style of the day was to have one of those Fender-Lace Sensor humbuckers instead of a single coil at the bridge; otherwise it's a classic Fender. Like LivePulse, kids and job have thwarted my rock'n'roll dream...*shakes fist* ..Although my girlfriend's daughters are into flamenco dancing and playing the cajon, so maybe I'll get to do something eventually. Or else my son will just have to hurry up and get born. :smile:

    I'm gonna try that video button...

    ..ummm...I'll bet that I stuff that up. heh. The camera work here is poor, but settles down after 20 sec or so. The music, however...

    oh, and all I could manage by using the video button was a "malformed video ID," so apologies to anyone who may have clicked that link and seen some dubious-looking stuff before
  • I play guitar and I am in a band where Raz sings.
  • DUDES!

    mondo, i fixed your link - you should only paste the actual video ID, not the whole url. it's that part after the show?v="thispart" - edit / quote your post to see how it works. also, awesome vid!

    bass? tube search some billy sheehan, maybe even billy sheehan vs. paul gilbert

    hells, this thread needs some nuno love too, i'll be back shortly...

  • Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan - Addicted to That Rush (duo)

    btw, here is that 8 minute long sheehan solo where paul joins in at the end

  • flight of the wounded bumblebee. like rocco, i too grew up on stuff like this (ok, the newer stuff ;))

    Nuno Bettencourt Solo - Beacon Theater NYC 1993) - 8 minute (ish) jam session with the horn section, pretty good too ;)
  • nuno and gilbert should have teamed up - neither extreme nor mr. big were really my cup of tea, but they are both exceptional gweetarists.

  • django reinhardt - dude has two fingers, and is awesome.
  • this thread is awsome!
  • Real version... much better in my opinion :)

  • OMG! How could i forget!!! Old "IA"!!!

    He's a really cool and fun guy in person too... not to mention his guitar skills.. I like him better with Freak Kitchen, though... He's a "Song player" really. Do look for Art Metal Trio (with Jonas Hellborg) on youtube too
  • Power trio!

  • i can't believe it... this thread needs

    ...there's some Texas Flood for ya... :happy:
  • and since this is a guitar-thread now instead of shred...

  • Speaking of real music played on the geetar....

    Amazing laidback style...
  • kfconme:no love for the bass players? guitar vs. bass...

    ~ waits for chris to post a metallica bass solo vid ;)
  • lol, i had considered it.

    in the mean time, check out these trashcan instruments
  • for michael -

  • les claypool -

  • victor wooten

  • norwegian wood, if i needed to tell you.

  • this was the best Live Earth performance, I think....Spinal Tap with guest bassists for Big Bottom...

    ah, why can I not get this video posting thing down?! is there supposed to be a space or something somewhere...grrr..:awkward:
  • post your comment as html, rather than text - should be an option under the comment box :)
  • Ah-ha... as you can see, it took all my brain capacity just to link things using UBB code a couple of years back. Looks like I have different options checked at work and at home... thanks, chris, for cleaning up after me - I'll try to do better next time...:smile:
  • Petteri Sariola:

  • i like the second vid, i guess because the sound is much better, and you can hear what he's doing!

  • I have known the guy for a while, like very very little, but still talked to him and such. But only this spring I learned that he's also a very talented guitar player.
  • and now for something completely a little different

  • ^nice find
  • very nice - great song also.
  • First one and last one very cool (didn't view the rest, I let your commentary guide me).
  • the bad thing in all of these vids is the poor audio :(
  • very cool
  • now that is pretty cool, nice find!
  • Okay...In the same vein as what agenturge posted... kinda :)

    These three next clips really made me think about giving up playing...

    The first one... it's nothing special ... until you get 20 seconds into it...then... wow

    He goes completely insane in the next two, though...


    I have enough trouble playing ONE string and one neck at a time....amazing guy! He looks a little daft at times though... hhehe
  • Okay... i quit :)

    This makes me smile... His use of capos :)

  • :droppedjaw:

  • something slightly different:
    (unfortunately I can't find any footage of Carlos Paredes playing this (he was one of the best Portuguese guitar player ever):

    and an electric guitar version of this solo: